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After a spider vein surgery it is important to follow your spider vein surgery doctor's instructions as well as all guidelines provided by the medical staff. Following these instructions after spider vein surgery can help you assure a smooth and easy recovery.

Right after Spider Vein Surgery:

When you wake up after spider vein surgery you will most likely feel a little dizzy from the anesthesia and will not be able to fully coordinate your movements. The medical staff will give you instructions such as either move, or drink something. It is necessary that you follow these instructions - even though you may not feel well enough.

Please allow yourself some time to be fully awake before leaving the medical premises. It is important that you inform the medical staff if you do not feel well.

After spider vein surgery you will be instructed on what medications to take, when to bathe, special care after surgery and when to see your spider vein surgery surgeon again.

After The Spider Vein Surgery Procedure

After your spider vein surgery is completed you will be able to go home, you do not need to stay overnight at the facility.

If you had the spider vein surgery done with general anesthesia you will be asked to stay usually for 2 hours after the surgery and to have someone drive you home. This can change depending on how your body reacts to the surgery.

It is recommended that you to have someone drive you home after you had the spider vein surgery specially if you were put to sleep during the procedure (in this case it will be required).

If you had the spider vein surgery with partial or mild sedation will be able to leave about an hour after the spider vein surgery to make sure the surgery went well, there were no complications and that you are able to go back home.

After spider vein surgery a bandage or compression garment will be placed over the area of the body where you had the spider vein removed. You may be asked to wear the bandages or compression garment for a few days after spider vein surgery.

In some cases the doctors may have you wear compression stockings after your surgery. These stockings will also help improve the circulation and help prevent new problematic spider veins from developing.

The spider vein surgeon will then have you come back in a few weeks for a spider vein surgery follow-up.

Within a week after the spider vein surgery you will go back to the doctor for him or her to take the bandages and/or the stockings off.

The spider vein surgeon will have you abstain from exercise for at least 24 hours after spider vein surgery. After this, you may be recommended to exercise after the spider vein surgery to help improve the blood flow and to help you recover faster.

You will be recommended to not take hot baths for at least a week after spider vein surgery. It is also a good idea to cover the areas where you had the spider vein surgery from the sun and avoid extreme heath.

What To Expect After Spider Vein Surgery

Spider Vein surgery typically does not require a hospital stay and are done on an outpatient basis with regional or general anesthesia. Most people go home the same day of their spider vein surgery.

Most likely, you will be able to return to work within a few days. After several weeks, you can resume normal leisure and recreational activities.

Tips to follow after Spider Vein surgery:

  • You will need someone to drive you from the medical facility to your home.
  • It is also critical that you have someone aid you especially on the first night after surgery. It is recommended that you have someone help you the first 3 days after spider vein surgery, especially if you have children.
  • Have your surgeon's phone number at hand in case you need to ask your surgeon a question.
  • Have a timer or written schedule of when you have to take your medications.
  • Make sure that you have everything that you may need for post-surgery care such as clean towels, ice packets, comfortable clothes, bandages or special garments.
  • Ask your surgeon if you will need a special diet after spider vein surgery and if there are any foods that are recommended during the first days after surgery.
  • Please ask your spider vein surgery doctor how long it will take after spider vein surgery for you to drive.
  • During the first days after spider vein surgery, it is also recommended that beforehand you plan on activities that will entertain you such as reading a book, watching movies that you like or making puzzles. These activities can help you keep your mind occupied and help distract you from pain or discomfort, as well as making your recovery more enjoyable.
  • Avoid any extreme heat or cold after spider vein surgery.
  • Avoid any type of strenuous physical activity and exercising until advised by your surgeon to do so.

Traveling after Spider Vein Surgery

Traveling can put a lot of stress on the body especially after spider vein surgery. Please do not schedule any travel right after spider vein surgery. Your surgeon may restrict you from airplane traveling for at least 10 days.

Airplane travel may increase the risk of blood clots after spider vein surgery.

Additionally your body may require additional time to fully recover and if you have not healed enough; you may experience pain and discomfort during your trip.

Please keep in mind that it will take at least 1-2 months for any swelling and scarring to be completely healed. Additionally, in some cases your surgeon may recommend that you stay out of the sun for some time after spider vein surgery.

Following all these instructions will reduce the chances of risks after spider vein surgery and will increase your chances of having a successful recovery; as well as help you achieve the desired outcome from your spider vein surgery.

Additional Therapies after Spider Vein Surgery

In many cases your surgeon may recommend additional treatments or therapies after spider vein surgery. The goal of these additional treatments can include: help you recover faster, complement your surgery, and diminish scarring, swelling or pain.

Ask your surgeon if he or she recommends any additional treatments or therapies after spider vein surgery for your particular case.

Emergency after Spider Vein Surgery

Although today's medical procedures have a very high success rate it is important to know that there are always risks after surgery. If you experience any type of situation that does not seem normal after your surgery; contact your doctor immediately. It you present a true medical emergency please call 911 immediately.

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